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Ningbo JuYang Glue Science & Technology Com., LTD.( original :Ningbo YiWei Glue Technology com.,LTD.) has established on 2004. Company possessed top-ranking manufacture equipments & technology, specialized in production high performance industrial using tape , extensive using in mobile phone , digital camera ,computer , LCD, circuit wafer, touch screen and some other industrial area;
Company has newly added specialized program in : gelatinize for customer , we can according to customer’s provide material and requirement to gelatinize processing ,also have supporting facilities to itemize & cutting for customers;;
Company have new introduction four high-tech talents , five engineers to help with company advance; Factory building area has enlarge to 18000 million square meters.
The newly added the most recent automatic coating machine, cutting machine , automatic rewinding machine, and some advanced testing equipments;
Company will continue to engage in develop new product to keep improving , to provide the most high quality product and efficient service to contribute to our society;


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